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Any steady Asia traveler will concede that if you visit this continent once, you will visit it again and again. There’s just something about Asia that brings joy to all of the 5 senses and inspires you to try it just one more time.

The largest continent on Earth, Asia is home to a large 60% of people living in the world. Its population is the fastest growing in the world – within the last 100 years Asia’s population grew 4 times. This continent is blessed by huge natural and cultural riches beyond our imagination located on the territory of the 48 countries that Asia contains. No matter if you are a choosy traveler blighted by Western world comforts or adventurer content with backpacking across the country, Asia travel options can satisfy any taste, need or want in the world. Many Asia travel guides will agree, whatever it is you are seeking, you will find in Asia.

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UAE is in the Continent of Asia, to be exact to be exact, located towards the west of Asia.

It is situated on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates and is roughly at 52 ft above the Sea-level.

UAE travel opens magnificent opportunities for Northern American and European tourists escaping chilling winters to step into the exotic and alluring atmosphere of Middle East with its endless deserts, incredible beaches and diverse culture so different from our own.

United Arab Emirates is the country in the Middle East strategically positioned on the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman in the east. UAE is embraced of 7 independent emirates. Located between Oman and Saudi Arabia, UAE is sanctified by endless basic oil natural resources coupled with unspoiled geographical location for its transit. This oil rich country has taken huge steps within the last 30 years to Change from poor country into one of the richest nations in the world. This has given an unbelievable boost to its tourism industry and today Emirates holidays are one of the most sought-after destinations in Asia and the world.

Dubai is the premiere destination boasting an endless array of recreational pleasures set at the backdrop of the desert on the shores of the Persian Gulf and artificially created infrastructure. This emirate is perhaps the most liberal among other areas of the country because it has been westernized by hordes of American, Canadian and European tourists setting on Emirates holidays. Once you arrive, you will have a dizzying variety of things to do, see and try. First you simply must get a feel of the Old part of the city; there you will see an incredibly beautiful Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai Museum and home to beautiful architecture. In the modern part of the city, Burj Khalifa building tops any list of popular attractions to visit because of the amazing viewing area posited at the height of over 400 meters into the sky. Dubai Fountain is one of the tallest and most beautiful musical fountains in the world easily approached from the Mall entrance. For those curious to see a real 7-star hotel, head over to the Burj al-Arab hotel for a meal or book your stay months in advance if you can afford it. Apart from sightseeing visitors will love local beaches offering a myriad of activities for water sports lovers. Visit Wild Wadi Water Park boasting just about any modern type of water slide, artificially made waterfalls and even tidal pools. For real thrill seekers desert safaris are just what you need allowing you to get a feel of the beauty of the desert. For shopaholics, enjoy megamalls and a large infrastructure of souks (open air markets) to buy just about anything this incredible city offers.

Abu Dhabi capital of UAE cannot compete in tourist popularity with the formerly mentioned destination, it takes up almost 90% of UAE land. Tourism is not their primary source of income, it is oil that has transformed a mere fishing area into a bustling metropolis. For visitors venturing off the beaten path, there are plenty of things to see here, including Sheikh Zayed Mosque and Khalifa Park featuring great animal encounters for family travelers.

Fujairah is one of the smallest and youngest emirates in the country with beautiful mountain sceneries located in the east of UAE. Unfortunately, apart from its landscapes it’s lacking interesting attractions for visitors to see.

Sharjah is not a top destination in the UAE, however the low cost of living creates lower prices for many tourist activities. Legacy area in this 3rd largest UAE city is a lovely collection of old restored building allowing tourists to take in the historical architecture. Local Desert Park is a lovely attraction for family visitors introducing them to Arabian wildlife and fauna. Be advised that women are not permitted to be wearing conventional swimwear at some of the local beaches.

Ajman is a short car ride from Sharjah is blessed with a beautiful stretch of Gulf Coast beaches. A nice assortment of shops and restaurants create a pleasing downtown scene. A historical 16th century fort is located in the central square for visitors to experience traditional Middle Eastern architecture.

Ras al-Khaimah (RAK) is a gorgeous emirate located on the northern tip of the Persian Gulf and the gateway leading to a beautiful Musandam Peninsula in Oman. RAK is often ignored by tourists in favor of more touristy areas of the country, but it features great beaches, cultural attractions like National Museum of RAK and prehistoric Shimal with ancient structures.


Egypt Discover the repetitive vision and rich antique culture of  modern and ancient Egypt , all  activities accompanied by knowledgeable Egyptian tour  local guides adapted in Egypt history to position just with planned tours and activities that cover as possible.

Our patronymic-friendly tours understand a row of cultural, historic and agile know to lead imprisoned qualifier and teens similar, whether it’s traveling a camel at the Pyramids, exploring the countless of tombs at the Valley of the Kings or navigation onboard a felucca in Aswan. Beside the Red Sea resorts of Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh.


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