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In order for you to find the best tour guide .First, you have to love folks. So many of those who go on tours, mainly from North America, want someone with character who are not only smart and love what they do but also know how to shake hands, know how to smile, and mix facts and historical information with something more learned types sometimes forget: having fun.

A lot of tour guides are notable scholars who have a tough time interrelating with groups. They may know everything and more about the location but they don't quite get the mixing part. They just press the play button and go. For me, the goal is to be the exact opposite. Tailor your tone from mysterious to fun to highly emotional. Tell great stories in a dramatic manner. Be alive to the moment.

It's not easy, when you're booking internationally and going off reviews. I'd say reviews are roughly 90 percent reliable. You'll see people who write a negative review because a museum was crowded. It's so subjective. You definitely want a personalized touch, so smaller is better than big as far as group numbers. Private is the best, obviously. But that can be costly. Companies that have a wide variety of tours in one city or region or even country tell you something about their mission and passion for the place. I value companies that care for the local environment and have a sustainability mission that's not just talk. If they care about the place they work, they'll care for the locals they're working with.

ToursBy Guides has local guides and tours in the following regions:

Egypt - Morocco - Dubai - Washington D.C

* Can't select the region that interests you? ToursBy Guides may be working with guides in that region, but they have not yet completed our application process or fully published their tours. Please contact us and we may be able to help.

If you have an idea for a great tour and want to become a tour guide, we invite you to apply.

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