Luxor Tours and Things to Do

Luxor are among Egypt’s top 5 destinations, particular for new travelers. Allow for at least a couple of days Explore the modern city of Luxor appropriate, their Valley of their Kings, Luxor temple, and their massive Karnak Temple Complex. Hop a Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride on Luxor, Egypt - We awoke in an unwanted hour that you arrive at time for a sunrise hot air balloon ride over their West Bank of their Nile and their Valley of their Kings.

Six millennia of captivating myths and colossal egos; magnificent temples; the mesmerizing Nile; man’s early attempts to make recognition of mortality in the magical and profound Valley of the Kings: the reasons to visit Luxor, formerly the obsolete city of Thebes, are innumerable.

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Valley of The Kings. Although 63 tombs have been discovered, only about 11 are open at any one time. Tickets give access to three tombs of your choice. A disjoined ticket must be boughten for Tutankhamun – and buy it you must. This modest tomb marked barely outside with a small yellow plaque reading “Tut Ankh Amon. Tomb 62”, is truly wondrous. To the left, the withered boy king, a disguise covering only the main section of his body so that head and feet are communicate; to the right, one of the three dazzling sarcophagi that held him for over 3,000 years. It’s dark so bring a torch, and on a quiet day you can gaze for as long as you like into the face of antiquity.

The Colossi of Memnon, soaring 60 feet into the sky A hard act to follow, it is best to leave Tutankhamun until last before heading off to out search another foreground.

The temple of the lone female pharaoh Hatshepsut is worth an affect. Tickets £3. Venture off the vanquished track to Deir el-Medina, the tombs of the workers who built the Valley of the Kings, before a final pitstop at the sandstone Colossi of Memnon, soaring 60 feet into the sky.


 then a compact tower of the vast Karnak temple by night is a good bet. The Sound and Light show can be a rather odd experience as disembodied voices mouth the gods and men who once filled these hallowed halls, but the overall impression is still one of awe. Constructed over 1,300 years, with intervention from every major pharaoh, Karnak transports visitors to a land of giants. The numerous Hypostyle Hall, a mass of towering columns, covers an area large enough to contain both St Paul’s Cathedral and St Peter’s in Rome.

Climb aboard a caleche, a cavalry-drawn carriage, and ask your spanker to take you to Luxor’s last outpost of the British Empire – the Sofitel Winter Palace. Once King Farouk’s winter residence, this grand hotel begins back to 1886 and has hosted Noel Coward, Agatha Christie and Winston Churchill. Although its grandeur is a little tired, it still conjures up colonial strength helmets and attracts the local big-hitters.

Luxor church in the morrow light is a lovely abode to be (open daily 6am to 9.30pm). Unlike Karnak, it is more coherent due to the fact that fewer pharaohs (four, as opposed to every Tut, Dick and Harry who immortalized himself in Karnak) were involved in its creation. On leaving, coalesce your footsteps to the Avenue of Sphinxes, a walkway that once direction over a mile to Karnak and is currently being excavated to torch the two temples again.

Luxor temple 11amEnjoy a final feast for the eyes at Luxor pinacotheca (open daily; 9am-3pm, 5pm-9pm; £8). Treasures include a stunning over gild head of Hathor, the diet of motherhood, and Tutankhamun’s funerary bed. Don’t miss the museum’s two embalm. You’ll find them in the wing named Thebes Glory – a synonym for Luxor itself. Checklist Haggle to your heart’s content, but don’t forget to tip, for office both rendered and imaginary. Little and often is advised. Balloon flights over the Valley of the Kings have resumed sequent the inevitable crash in February, with unspent safety measures in place. Use only the five approved tour operators.

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