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Pyramids &Silence .

Meditation is the Connection between our inner soul and outer body,when we meditate we collect the seen and unseen power,we give our bodies a chance to understand that we are more than a flesh,we feel our true existence.

Meditation is spread around the world,but in Egypt it has a different taste,as we can do it around the graetest buildings in History,The Pyramids.

Meditation inside the Pyramids is more and more effective and powerful than any other place,as the energy inside the Great Pyramids is Higher and stronger than other places.

It is always inside the burial chamber of King Cheops, around his great sarcophagus,so many meditators prefer to pass by this experience in different places on the land of the Pharaos,they go for the temples in Luxor and Aswan where serenity and peace surrounding the life of the sacred land Egypt.

Giza Pyramids

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