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So, let’s say it end up with you in a country That you are visiting either for a vacation or Business or whatever is the reason. What to do while you are there? What sights do you HAVE to stop by in Egypt? What kind of activities can you do in Egypt? Where do you eat in Egypt? How to book a local guide who can take in the wide variety of needs and interests within your group?

Well, you can ask your preferred search engine, you can talk to your travel agent, you can talk to your friends, but the person you REALLY NEED to talk to is the tour GUIDE! Local Guides are
the best source of ideas and knowledge about where to go and what to do when
you are traveling. They know things that your travel agent, friends, online
booking sites, and even Google CAN'T tell you.


And Throughout my experience 15 years tour guide and 10 years tour operator , I believe in a very important conception “The tour Guide is the heart of the trip anywhere” beside all arrangements you will make if it was luxury or budget , if your tour guide in good it's so easy to ruin the whole trip or vacation and if he is excellent the whole trip or vacation is excellent and memorable forever.

That’s why I have Build Tours by guides in order to connect travelers and tourist from all over the world with their best tour guides  upon earth .


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